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My son has been coming here since he was 4 and is now 13 and due to leave.  Over the years he has been on some amazing trips and took part in excellent vocational activities both fun and educational.  I myself have a very demanding job and its lovely to come home to my son fed and entertained.  The activities can range from the well equipt IT suite to the specially built sports hall.  All staff are not only highly qualified but also hard working contienscious and treat the children with a professional but friendly approach.  The club is Ofsted regulated and parent/childrens views are always taken into consideration.  Any issues are raised and dealt with appropriately.  Health & Safety is paramount to the way the club runs.  It is with great sadness that my son will no longer attend but i have become so close to the club and staff i will feel compelled to drop in occasionally.  A special thank you must go to Kerry Turner who has to be the most patient, understanding person I know and a true professional and I consider a friend who I will stay in touch with. Thank You all.     Shelley Day          6th July 2012


My child has been attending the club for about 4 years.  I would have been truely lost without the facilities.  The staff are worth their weight in gold!                Lynn Adam            18th July 2012

Sarah & Emily really enjoy club.  Sarah has started secondary and has chose to still attend as she will miss the staff/children if she leaves.  Staff are very helpful and supportive.

 C Walker 25th September 2014.

Millie loves attending the club, I know that when she is there she enjoys her time whether its playing a sport, making something or playing a game.  Its great to know you can get affordable childcare without worrying your child is missing out.  Always caring and amenable.   

 A Graham 25th September 2014

I'm really happy with Kai in the club, the staff are great and Kai enjoys his time there.  I would recommend the service to anyone and my young daughter will be coming here when she is older.

L Riley 25th September 2014

Sam is really enjoying coming to the club.  The staff have all been very supportive and welcoming.  I would recommend the club to any other parents.                        M Blackwell 20th January 2015

My two girls love coming to after school club. They enjoy the activities offered and making new friends. I get in trouble if I turn up before tea time because they love the hot food offered!! I think the club pricing is good when it includes a meal too which is unusual for after school care.  B Lunt 18 September 2015

Ella has been attending for over 2 years now and has really thrived at the level of care which is given to her. The staff are very supportive, on a personal level too.   Thanks, we love u.  A Malone 19 April 2016

My two girls, our twins have been coming to after school club for over a year now. I am seriously impressed with the individual care and attention that they receive from the staff. They feel not only taken care of but loved by all staff. The range of activities on offer is outstanding and they talk happily about the cookery, gardening, physical play and craft opportunities that they take part in. Staff are always ready to talk to me or the girls dad about  their time at the club, any concerns that the girls have and to share news of that particular day. I would whole heartedly recommend the club (and do) to any parent. My only problem is trying to get my girls to leave at home time. They are reluctant to leave!!  B Kinsey 14 July 2016