Rooms & Facilities

Sports HallSports Hall

We have a large Sports Hall here at Auckland Out of School Care that the children have access to 3-4 times per week. In the hall we have a range of activites that the children can take part in such as football, basketball, tennis, full size table tennis, cricket, rounders, dodge ball and many more.





 Play  RoomsPlay Room

These are the two main rooms that we use for our Out of School session, they are warm and welcoming with all childrens work diplayed on walls and notice boards.  We have a number of Art & Craft activities that are carried out in here aswell as playing board games, Playstation 2, X-Box 360, Role Play, Construction, Jigsaws, Musical Instruments etc. 





Small Drop In AreaLarge Drop-in Area

This room is used mainly for pool, we have two full sized pool table that the children have access to on a daily basis, this room is also used for children to have a chill out and relax to talk to friends.  We also have a cosy corner that the children suggested themselves, this area is a quiet area for the children to read and take part in quiet activities.





The children are offered a healthy snack and a piece of fruit every day after school, the staff prepare the
snack here and the children sit down together to eat their snack. This area is also used for cookery activities for the children.






Activities RoomComputer Room

This room is used mainly for After School sessions, the children have access to arts and crafts, consoles and board games. This room is also used for training purposes.